April 07, 2014


shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Goodwill, jacket: thrifted, shoes: Abbadabba's, rash guard: J.Crew, bathing suit: J.Crew
I actually went in the water today, and I can't get over how great it is to be in it.

Since I was basically in a swimsuit all day, I didn't worry too much about an outfit, so I kept it simple. I attempted this by wearing a cool printed shirt, some jean shorts, and my off-white chucks.

My swimsuit, on the other hand, is my new prized possession, especially my rash guard. For someone who looks closer to a ghost than a Kardashian in skin tone, sun protection is definitely needed. With this,  I have not burnt, but the week is still young. There is a high possibility that in the near future I will essentially be a lobster in skin tone. 

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