March 16, 2014


ribbon: Joann, cardigan: Old Navy, jeans: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Urban Outfitters
I'm trying something different. 

When I was in middle school, my staple outfit was a tee, cardigan, and this one black skirt from Macy's that began to split in the back from my constant use. After my style changed along with my transformation of awkward middle schooler with braces to awkward high schooler without braces, I had no use for my cardigans and that cute-turned-skimpy skirt that was so worn out it had to be trashed. At least fifteen cardigans sat unused for a year, so I gave most of them to Goodwill, but I kept a few of them just in case of emergency. 

A few days ago while rummaging through my clothing, I found all the remaining middle school cardigans. Either I had to wear them or they would get sent to Goodwill. My choice: (obviously) wear them.

So here we go. I realize now that I look like floating clothing when looking at my sad, pale state, but here's me putting my middle school clothing to use. 

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