March 06, 2014



necklace: Banana Republic, dress: Prana, jacket: Target, socks: Gap, shoes: Squash Blossom

(Tuesday's Outfit)
Shoe-sock: Shoo-sok
1.     Deceiving creatures created by the combination of shoes and socks of the same color.
2.     Shoes directly attached to socks.
3.     Shoes that cover the ankles in a sock-like manner in order to create an illusion of non-existent socks.

Adj. –esque

The way she paired that shirt with those shoe-socks are so an(na)archic.


(1498); <[sho fr. ML, foot bottom; soek fr Gk., cover]>

Shoe-socks. Quite deceiving things, actually. They are two separate items that come together, and create a disguising masterpiece-which is fabulous. Clothing confusion is part of the way to keep fashion fun and enticing, Live, love the perfect match: shoes and socks. 

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