March 27, 2014


sweater: Smartwool, watch: Nordstrom Rack, jeans: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Tretorn

Me and Francoise Hardy are killing it in our best "single ladies" freeze frame move. Beyonce: you better watch out, girl.

Yes, I am aware that I am missing a lightbulb from my head; I'd break it if I tried...

Well, today's outfit is directly inspired from Francoise Hardy. Her androgynous yet femininine and minimalistic yet overwhelmingly cool style is definitely one of the biggest inspirations of my outfits. Looking like a full-blown girl is overrated anyways.

This particular outfit is one I had to completely emulate because- I mean- JUST LOOK AT IT. There is no need for any explanation of why she's wearing so many buttons or why she decided to have a lightbulb on her head.

Do you want an explanation? Here it is:

She is too cool for you (and me, of course).

Thank for the read, and remember:
"All the single ladies, put your hands up."

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