February 03, 2014


jacket: Target, collared shirt: Goodwill, sweater: Gap, button: Marshalls, earrings: Macy's, hoop: Claire's, bracelets: random, shorts: Goodwill, tights: Gap, shoes: L.L. Bean

I will admit- today I was "that girl." You know, the who wears sweaters in 90 degree weather, or wears all white after labor day, but in my case, I wore le boots of rain when it was perfectly sunny outside. Let it be known that it was pounding rain this morning. However, even if it wasn’t raining outside in the morning, this moment was bound to happen, and no shame has been felt yet. Anyways, if I was going to be “that girl,” then I was going to be THAT GIRL. Go big or freaking go home. With the “that girl” idea in my mind, shorts in winter, double denim (a huge pet peeve of my mother), and lipstick that seemingly repulsed those of the opposite sex (actually, when does that not happen) was a must. 

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