February 11, 2014


hat: random, bandana: Joann, shirt: Goodwill, jeans: Gap, shoes: Abbadabba's
It's cold out here in the wilderness of my home; us Georgians cannot take this deceitfully cold weather. Let me tell you, everyone is treating this ice storm like an apocalypse. When my fathersito and I went to the grocery store, shelves that on any other given day would be completely stocked were empty except for the dust that lightly covered them. All I can say is that if an apocalypse were to happen in the next few days, Georgians would not break a sweat- they already have it covered.

This brings me to my outfit. I had to wear a hat to keep my head warm...and also because I have a red bump perfectly placed in the center of my face causing it to look like I'm wearing a bindi (and I can assure you- although I wish it were not true- I'm not wearing one). The bandana-cum-neckerchief was added both as an an(na)archic statement and simply a way to keep my neck cozy- a twofer!

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