January 27, 2014


shirt: vintage, fur jacket: Gap, jean jacket: thrifted, tights: Gap, socks: Gap, shoes: Clarks
Clothing should be worn universally; a scarf can double as a turban or tights can be worn as bunny ears. In my case, I wore my shirt as a dress. Despite how bad (in a cool way I felt in all black and a dress code-worthy dress, I walked down the halls feeling like a criminal. Like, Anna, you're breaking a school rule; you can't wear anything above eight inches of the knee. I guess when you're in a rush getting dressed (like me this morning), screw the pants, go straight for big tees, and wear as much black as possible. However, make sure the tee is cool (mine is a vintage R.E.M. Automatic For The People tee) or else teachers will think you're a seducer, even if you're not in reality. Trust me, I know from other's experience.

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