January 21, 2014


necklace: vintage, dress: Topshop, poncho: thrifted, bracelets: random, tights: Gap, shoes: Clarks
Ponchos: another wrongly viewed garment; LOOK AT IT, ITS A BLANKET THAT YOU WEAR AND IS CONSIDERED CLOTHING. Some divine being must've known I was going to come along in the world, so they thought, "Hey! Let's make this for Anna so she doesn't have to suffer the cold, but she can look weird while wearing it." I don't even care that I look like a bat; I'm completely okay with running around with my big "wings" flying in the wind. I mean, it's the closest I've ever been to flying, and I REALLY want the ability to fly. Along with my flight troubles, I am still attempting to get over the fact that summer is gone ( you can see with the florals and the white after labor day which my mother still believes is a rule), so I guess this means my winter clothes need to come out sometime soon... Maybe June?

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