January 15, 2014


hat: Urban Outfitters, turtleneck: Marshalls, vest: Dakota J's, necklace: Modcloth, skirt: Urban Outfitters, shoes: DSW, bracelets: random
Happy National Hat Day! Although I can't wear hats to school, I still decided celebration was needed. This outfit is for you, hats; whether it has been covering up my skin, or disguising my bad hair days, you guys have always been there for me when I DEFINITELY needed help. Besides my favorite day of the year (other than Christmas because, you know, it's Christmas), I kept this outfit monochromatic with small pops of color with my lipstick, necklace, and bracelets. I feel quite dramatic and mysterious with the dark colors; drama and mystery are great because it always leaves people guessing what's next. I'm even guessing what outfit is coming after this one!

1 comment:

  1. Anna you are perf!! I'm in love with what you're doing