January 18, 2014


My mind- it thinks about so many crazy, illogical things that do not focus on what is actually going on. Dinosaurs, hats, eyes, and colorful planets are some of the many mind-consuming items that keeps my vanilla life intriguing; I could close my eyes and dream about what I'm thinking for hours to occupy my time. This painting is partly inspired by the Bombay Bicycle Club album cover "A Different Kind of Fix" (shown above). I was listening to "Leave it" by them, and the album cover made me think what the mind was supposed to be. Is it what the person is thinking? Is it supposed to symbolize the blooming of creativity in someone's mind? I was stumped, but it got me thinking about what I imagine. Then, my painting happened; it consists mostly of what I imagine. 

In the other pictures, you see my room, my sanctuary. Although more pictures are to go on the wall, here is what exists now!

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