January 09, 2014


undershirt: Gap, collared shirt: vintage Ann Taylor, necklaces: vintage, jeans: Gap, shoes: Abbadabba's, belt: Ann Taylor
Mornings. This outfit is what happens when mornings happen. Trying to figure out what to wear, get dressed, and eat all in about thirty minutes is a struggle for me. When I'm tired in the morning, there is no such thing as moving fast. Anyways, on today's venture of trying to figure out what to put on my body in a panicked rush, I went straight for simple: jeans and a tee. After finding what was clean from my trashed floor, these olive jeans were the ones. That's how I found my other garments too. It's a three question process: Is it clean? Does it smell? How wrinkled is it? Done. I ,then, threw the necklaces on my body as I ran out the door without thinking of the possibility that they could look hideous; luckily, this time my rashness was beneficial. We'll see if it works out next time!

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