January 28, 2014


glasses: vintage, sweater: J.Crew, jacket: thrifted, pants: J.Crew, bracelets: random, shoes: Urban Outfitters
Despite what you may think, this is not a fake set up. IT'S SNOWING; this is not a butt-load of sugar on the ground and my hair. It's snow. Oh, and I'm pretty cold. No, I'm freezing; thanks weather channel for not directly telling me that I might need a coat... or 100. 

Moving onto the outfit, these are my fancy pants; I'm pretty sure that I get fancier the longer I wear them. However, I couldn't stand all this fancy going on, so the clown shoes and grannie glasses (just call me Grannie Annie) had to happen. There is no way that I, Anna Gardner, could stand to be the full-throttle fancy. It just can't happen.

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