January 10, 2014


shirt: Ralph Lauren, jumpsuit: vintage, bracelets: random, shoes: Squash Blossom
The great thing about college is that my sister is there; I get to steal all of the stuff she leaves behind! Like today, for instance, I knew that I wanted to wear the shoes and jumpsuit, but there was no way I was going out in the cold without something under this thin garment. Scouting out all of the possibilities in my closet, I realized there was nothing that was suitable. When I went to look in her closet, this shirt was a shining beacon amongst all her clothes (even it is my dad's, apparently). Another stolen treasure from her room is all of these bangles. I gravitate towards gold jewelry and needed some extra "funk" in the outfit, so these light bangles were the perfect addition to complete the look. Between the shirt, the bangles, and the jumpsuit, I guess I enjoy wearing second-hand clothing?

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