January 25, 2014


hat: Urban Outfitters, shirt: Ralph Lauren, vest: vintage, jeans: Gap, socks: Gap, shoes: Dansko
Since it's the weekend, heck yeah, I'm going to wear a hat. My school does not understand how deprived I feel without a hat; let me tell you, the struggle is real (yes, I am one of those annoying girls who uses that phrase). Moving on, I HAD to wear this adorable little vest that I got from one of my favorite vintage shops, and I decided to pair it with my dad's Polo shirt because, you guessed it, it was next to my vest on the floor. They were meant to be by each other. My shoe selection today was purely based on what I haven't worn in a while, but I knew it was going to be freezing. With this, I added these socks to make my toesies warm, plus they add some unruliness which is what an outfit always needs. I was surprised, actually, how the shoe-sock combination did not look as ridiculous as I expected. But hey, clogs can do no wrong; this is actually a proven fact. By me.

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