January 20, 2014


hat: Urban Outfitters, necklace: vintage, shirt: Gap, overalls: thrifted, shoes: DSW
I love the whole idea of onesies; maybe because they exemplify my inability to act my age. I love pigtails, juice boxes, and all the other foolish things that go along with childhood, so it would make perfect sense. Anyways, onesies are what I live in. Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls-you name it- I got it. When people say, "Are you really wearing overalls," my response is, "Are you really not wearing overalls?" But seriously. They are garments wrongly portrayed by farmers and the decade of the 90's (and sometimes me), but when overalls are paired with the right accessories, they're not as puzzling. And yes, I am aware that it is puzzling whether or not I know how to properly put overalls on, but this outfit isn't too bad, right? It's bad? Oh, okay.

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