January 07, 2014


Oh Ringo Starr, you're such a star. I think when Tyra Banks was singing, "shine bright, shine far, don't be shy be a star," she meant, "be a Starr." He can even be double chinning, but in reality, he is double WINNING. Even when you put him in the perspective of fashion, he is still a star. He manages to bring about an "I don't care" look, but he is also quite classy in his dressing. His unruly hair [which is actually quite similar to mine, bangs and all] mixed with a funky suit and tie combo is on point. WHAT HAPPENED TO BOYS/MEN DRESSING LIKE THIS?! Anyways, as he has gotten older and graduated from his unruly ways, he still is right on. Dudes in neckerchiefs are never a wrong move nor are dudes in suits. You go Ringo Starr.

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