January 13, 2014


earrings: Urban Outfitters, sweater: Nordstrom, dress: Madewell, watch: Nordstrom Rack, socks: Abbadabba's, shoes: Modcloth

If I were to vaguely describe my style, it would be weird, strange, odd, an(na)archical... you get where I'm going with this. With this being said, I am drawn towards questionable items, and I find it quite comical when people literally get confused about what I'm wearing. It is particularly the overall days, but today was definitely a confusing day for many of the students of my high school. First, I got people's studying eyes; then, I got, "can I pet you?," and, of course, I obliged.  My pink "cousin it" sweater alongside my cat shoes just made me look like a new animal species waiting to be discovered by scientists which I am actually quite alright with. Being an annamal is just what I do.

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