January 06, 2014

Anarchy vs. An(na)archy

an·ar·chy   [ann-ar-kee]
1. an act of confusion or disorder
2. a state of lawlessness 
3. lack of obedience towards someone in power
adj. -ic
to be an advocate for anarchy
Oh, the anarchy of the teenage years.
(1539); [anarchia fr. ML; anarchos fr. Gk., to not have a ruler]

an·na·ar·chy   [ann-nah-ar-kee]
1. a state of having no rules of what one is wearing 
2. wearing garments that exhibit confusion and disorder 
3. an act of no rules or regulations for fashion
(such acts of an(na)archy include but are not limited to overalls, men's apparel, Wednesday Addams clothing, anything repulsive to the opposite sex, etc.)
adj. -ic
to be an advocate for an(na)archy
That girl is dressed as though she likes an(na)archy.

(2014); < [anna fr. L, to have disorder] sim. to (1539); [anarchos fr. Gk., to not have a ruler]

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