May 29, 2014


shirt: Meo's Suite, collared shirt: Goodwill, shorts: Goodwill, shoes: Squash Blossom, purse: vintage
With my attempt to pack lightly (somehow I actually managed to do so), I decided to rewear items such as this plaid shirt. It's amazing what you can do with a Goodwill shirt, man.

May 28, 2014


hat: Target, shirt: Goodwill, shoes: Tretorn
Look who's back at the beach again (I'll give you a hint, it's me)! Although it's a quick trip, I'm taking advantage of the sun to whip out my new hat that is both a repeller of the opposite sex and a repeller of the sun; I'm a big fan of killing two birds with one stone. Let's just say I'm the most covered up person here (I know it's shocking since it is a beach).

I hope everyone's summer is going great so far!

May 25, 2014


dress: Gap, vest: Dakota J's, shoes: Topshop
 (Thursday's Outfit)

Well, school is out, and I guess I decided to commemorate another ending with changing it up and being a little more bohemian (a little). This maxi dress is the perfect mix of bohemian and preppy and its colors allow me to create whatever kind of masterpiece I wish with it. However, with this, I decided to make it a little edgy because it just comes naturally to me to incorporate leather and black into an outfit.

May 20, 2014


hat: Anthropologie, shirt: vintage, jeans: Gap, shoes: Madewell
Today I wore my trustee bedtime shirt that I've worn for about two(ish) weeks, but due to my lack of caring, I wore it to school too. I have no regrets because I felt like I was in my pajamas (I actually was) with a little extra funk. This is the perfect outfit for me.


hat: Urban Outfitters, dress: Topshop, socks: Target, shoes: Nordstrom Rack
 (Monday's Outfit)
Well I'm bringing in some darker vibes even though the end of school is so close! I never said I was going to stop wearing black.

May 16, 2014


hat: Urban Outfitters, shirt: Ralph Lauren, shorts: Target, shoes: Squash Blossom
Today was an extra late morning waking up, so I just pulled on one of my dad's shirts and some denim shorts. I went to watch a tennis match later, so I added a hat for some shade.

May 15, 2014


scarf: Target, shirt: Gap, dress: thrifted, shoes: Tretorn
Things I think are hilarious: 
  • People falling
  • Animals in general
  • Humans in general
  • How similar I look to cousin it/ Wednesday Addams/ any other Addams family member
  • People's responses to what I wear
The list, really, could go on and on, but a point needed to be made with the last point. I constantly get confusion by people because normally people at my school do not NOT brush their hair, do not wear overalls, and do not create anything remotely close to the repulsion of the opposite sex.

I, however, do. 

This brings me to the last bullet on my hilarity list: "people's responses to what I wear." I was at a Chinese restaurant that I basically eat at every week. The lady who knows me and my name (this hints that I eat Chinese way too much than I care to admit) suddenly asks me with shock in her voice," Oh Anna! Did you break your neck?"

At first, I was quite confused. Then, I caught on.

This lady thought my neckerchief was a neck brace. HA. To her embarrassment, it was not. 

This got me to thinking. Is wearing a scarf around my neck like this that abnormal to which my neck looks like it is bound with my head by the scarf? Or maybe I look like that chick from those Halloween stories with the "green ribbon" that keeps her head from falling off.

Well, I can tell you this, those things are not happening. But, I now know from this situation that I could wear this outfit for Halloween and people would unmistakably know me as that girl from the scary story, or they will feel bad for me because of my "broken neck" and give me candy. Thank you lady from the Chinese restaurant for helping me come to a realization about the true beauty of the neckerchief and how continually it is hilarious for people to interpret what I am wearing.